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Banana Boat ide in Deobag Tsunami Island | Water Sport Activities

Banana Ride

Banana Rides

Zoom across the blue water of the Karli Khadi Arabian Sea on an inflatable banana boat ride in Deobag Tsunami Island. This is the perfectFamily fun for every one’s vacation. You will be towed behind speedboat / Jetski as you straddle the inflatable banana boat Feel the refreshing spray on your face as you hurtle the Waves on the banana boat in Deobag Tsunami Island. Banana Boat rides are perfect for cooling off in the sun or just for slights seeing near the shore.Banana Boat rides in is a popular Water sport for Kids, but it is equally popular among adults. The banana – shaped rider has a seating capacity of six people, which is towed by a speedboat rolling. It is considered to be a favorite Water sports in Place name. A banana shaped inflatable bout is required for this exciting sport.


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