Light House

Vengurla Rock Lighthouse is about 8 km north from Vengurla port and is approached, during fair seasons only by a mechanized boat to be specially engaged from Vengurla port. The journey takes more than two hours. The steps have been cut in the rock for climbing up from landing point. In olden days ML Vengurla rock served the station.

The coastal region from Vengurla point to Niuti fort in north-west has several high rise rocks inside the sea. The Vengurla rock or Burnt Island consists of a group of rocks rising 20 to 50 m above sea level.

The first Light house was built in 1870 on a nearby rock, to the west of the present rock, in the sea. The lighting apparatus which was to be placed here, did not reach on time and it was necessary to exhibit the light, it was decided to use the log fire as the light source for some time. The kerosene oil lamp in a lantern with 5th order optic was subsequently placed on the tower. The light was shifted to the present location on a 9 m high square masonry tower-painted white in 1890. The double wick lamp inside a 4th order optic and lantern was installed. on this tower. The station was visited by Lighthouse Expert Alan D. Stevenson in April 1927 who suggested to provide a powerful light and a wireless system at the station.

A 20 m high cast iron circular tower and the First order optical assembly and the equipment-55 mm PV burner and accessories supplied by B.B.T., Paris was erected and installed by M/s. Chance Bros., Birmingham. The upper most portion of the cast Iron tower serves as murette of the lantern house. The work was carried out under the supervision of Mr John Oswald, Chief Inspector of Lighthouses (later Engineer in Chief). The new lighthouse was commissioned in to service on 30th April 1933.

During 1956-58 the Radio Beacon project was taken up. A power house, Transmitter room and quarters for additional staff were provided. The Marconi Radio Beacon together with gensets was installed at the station. It was commissioned in March 1960. The Radio beacon at the station was discontinued and shifted on logistic grounds to Aguada Lighthouse in 1983.

Under the programme of utilising Solar power at remote lighthouses, the change over from PV to Electrical light at Vengurla Rock was planned. Accordingly the light source has been replaced by 3 nos 230V 70W Metal halide lamps. For power supply a large Battery bank charged by adequate number of SPV modules, Inverter and genset were installed at the station in 2002. The new system was commissioned on 25th November 2002.